Two Years In: What Have We Learned?

Two Years In: What Have We Learned?

the space from the stage

Recently a debate was sparked among several long-time members of the studio: we all knew the space was about to turn two, but no one could agree on exactly when that birthday would have been.

We spent the winter of 2017 renovating the studio from a lighting store into more or less what it is today, and when spring rolled around, we received an email from blogTO. They had caught wind of what we were up to and wanted to drop in to take some photos. The paint had just finished drying and the tables were fresh and clean, but we hadn’t completed all the finishing touches we wanted to have for launch, so we used their visit as a deadline. We committed ourselves to finish the set up so that when the article was out, we would be ready for people to come by.

Opening our doors to the public was daunting. We had a small open house that February and a few video shoots before opening, but we always had a buffer. We could always fall back on “it’s not quite finished yet” if we needed. Loosing that security was a scary reality to face.

We eventually decided May 17th is the studio’s birthday. It was the day the article was published and for us, it was the day everything became real. We were open and it was time to deal with all the unexpected things ahead of us. We also got a pretty great lesson out of it.

The truth of it is your first project will never be perfect. When we opened our doors, we didn’t yet know what we needed to improve and change yet. We knew the studio was at a place we were happy with, but it wasn’t perfect. The goal can’t be perfection, but  creation. The important thing is you learned from that first experience and you improve as you move forward. Our first few months weren’t our best, and our first few events could have been better, but we learned important lessons along the way, and we’re collectively better off because of those first brave steps.

Below are some photos of how the space has changed. You can also read the blogTO article here. I think we’ve come a long way since then with our scrappy little studio.

December 2016
May 2019
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May 2017
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