Production Studio
Production Studio
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Production Studio

So you’ve got a song or a bunch of footage that’s ready to be crafted into your latest project; problem is, you don’t have the gear or the space to make it happen.

Welcome to your new studio. Our production suite has all the tools you need to record your tunes, edit that film or vlog, and share your work with a community of like-minded creators. Check out our gear list below so you know what you’re getting.

Need a little space to jam or shoot? Check out our live room. Its angled walls and ceilings give it a theatre look and feel, and create a rich, natural reverb, perfect for drums and guitars.

All packages are subject to availability.

Computer & Software

Apple iMac Intel i5 8 gigs of Ram

Pro Tools 12

Logic Pro X

Final Cut

Universal Audio Plugins

I/O and Hardware


Universal Audio Apollo

Firewire 4 Pre

Focusrite 8pre

Dbx Duel Channel

Universal Audio Ox Box

 Microphones (Available upon request)

Shure sm57

Shure sm58

Shure Sm7b

Sennheiser 902

Sennheiser 905

Sennheiser 906

Sennheiser 945

Sennheiser 421

AKG C214

Avantone C-12


Yamaha NS10

hour to hour - $15 + $30 set up

Just need a little time for a small project? Pick up a few hours here, a few hours there. Spend the time you need.

monthly pass

Taking on something big? Get 40 hours to spend how you’d like over the course of a month.

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