Digital Jack-of-all-Trades

Coming from a corporate background like several other members of the ildsjel team, Dan found that great art comes from greater creative control. Finding liberation in operating his own space, he is working to help other artists find the opportunities and freedom they need to create their best work.

 Furthermore, Dan is a regular at ildsjel and at our vendor events. As our Art Director, Dan is responsible for everything from our colours to our business cards, and as Sadabots, he rocks a great vendor booth. Complete with a tape-knife and a cutting board, Dan cuts the Sadabots into shape, be they musicians, pokémon, superheroes, antiheroes, or aliens.

Besides being a digital guru, Dan specializes in digital-printed media, storyboarding, and illustration.

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According to Dan

Designing in a collaborative setting can be difficult to manage at first, but will produce more effective results.
Usually, design can work like a game of broken telephone, passing information and revisions from client to project manager, to creative director to designer, often bypassing the input of those who will actually put the design into effect, such as programmers or web design. Collaboration allows a designer or contributor to hear from all the voices who have a say in a project, in a single setting where major issues can be addressed before the project begins.

Dan Sadaba