Design, Installation, and Everything in Between

Co-owners Spencer Saso and Ihor Dawidiuk’s journey to Håndverk started years ago when they managed a franchise for a corporate printer. Ihor’s background was in design and production, and Spencer ran the installation end. They became disenchanted with the one-size-fits-all approach of their corporation, and desired something with greater creative control and a deeper level of involvement. In 2013 they decided to try their hand at starting a more involved business, picking a Norwegian word for their name, meaning craftsmanship, trade, workmanship.

When working with Spencer and Ihor, you’re working with the experience and skills of a dozen experts. From concept development, design, production, installation, and maintenance, Håndverk offers everything a larger company can offer plus the personal touch and attention of an independent printer. Whether it’s sign printing, wayfinding, or a total branding revamp, Håndverk have the tools to develop your brand and best show off what you do, plus the involvement necessary to understand and grow your branding.

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According to Handverk

When you’re involved with something from the very beginning, starting with the concept and talking to the client right before they even do anything, you always just end up with a better product.

Ihor Dawidiuk