Learn to Think Creatively

Creativity Gym Lesson Spring 2018 Season

March 6th, March 27th, April 17th | 6pm – 9pm | Ildsjel Collective, 4 Carlaw Ave, Toronto
Featuring Dr. Brandon McFarlane.

If you hit the weights, your muscles grow stronger. If you practice creative thinking, you improve your ability to reliably and deliberately generate new ideas.

Creativity Gym offers affordable innovation training. Through coaching and practice, participants rip their creativity to enhance their ability to solve problems, and invent wonderfully new products and services.

Creativity Gym believes you learn by doing and collaborating. The workshops feature hands-on art, design, and problem solving challenges.

With small class sizes of 8 to 20 participants Creativity Gym opens up opportunities to network with diverse professionals and meet new, interesting people in a fun, social learning environment.

The workshops can be taken in any order. They are designed as one-off sessions so participants can drop in without any prior training or preparation.

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March 6th: Cross Creativity

Receive coaching from Dr. Brandon McFarlane to build creative confidence and learn how to buff your creativity through deliberate practice.

  • Gain an introductory knowledge of the science informing creativity training.
  • Learn how to workout cognitive skills linked to creativity through hands-on activities, art challenges, and theatre exercises.
  • Have fun in a slow-paced, social environment.
  • Build your own creative workout regime to gain long-term benefits.

March 27th: HIIT

Rip your creative problem solving core with High Intensity Innovation Training. 3 hours of fast-paced training. “A ripped brain is the new six-pack.

  • Learn adaptable strategies for problem solving, and the generation of new products and services
  • Lead effective problem solving sessions
  • Judge, evaluate, and improve innovative ideas
  • Apply and practice strategies in teams to resolve Dr. Brandon McFarlane’s famous ‘Pizza Challenge’

April 17th: Creative Collaboration

Learn strategies for effective creative collaboration and how to unleash the creativity of your teammates.

  • Apply affective strategies to facilitate impactful creative collaborations.
  • Learn about different creative styles to build effective teams.
  • Nurture your team’s innovation skills over the long-term through creative leadership practices.