Brittpaperscissors: the Ultimate Self-Starter

Brittpaperscissors: the Ultimate Self-Starter

It’s not too often you come across someone like Brittany Farhat, the mastermind-behind Brittpaperscisssors. She’s a photographer, videographer, editor, designer, business owner, and DIY enthusiast, but she’s also the embodiment of the self-starter attitude. So much so that I’m probably forgetting to mention something under her list of skills. She finds the bulk of her work with bands and musicians, producing content that’s as bright and stylish as her personal brand; splashes of vibrant colour across the old punk aesthetic, more inclusive and welcoming with the old revolution’s spirit.

Today, Brittany launches BPS TV, a new web series showcasing some of her favorite artists and creators. BPS TV is the latest addition to her long list of projects, but it’s also a milestone in her creative journey.

When Brittany joined the ildsjel community in the winter of 2017, she had just decided to take her freelance business full time. After leaving her job and touring Canada with singer-songwriter Scott Helman, she was looking for a spot to call her own. She set up shop in a corner of our shared workspace and immediately transformed her spot with highlights of pink, green, and yellow, covering her walls with colourful cassette tape garlands and large prints of her graphics.

Though she was starting a new chapter of her professional life, Brittany had a strong foundation to build on. She had started producing content for bands a few years earlier, and like so much of her work, Brittany kicked off her career in her own fashion. Where others might wait for job postings, Brittany walked up to Royal Mountain Records’ Toronto office, knocked on the door, and struck up a conversation with label founder and Hollerado frontman Menno Versteeg. Within days, she was working with the label, and over her time with Royal Mountain Brittany had the opportunity to produce content for bands like Alvvays and PUP, as well as spearhead their Custom Kitchen series.

It wasn’t long before her slice of the workspace became too small to contain Brittany’s creativity, and within a few months of joining ildsjel, she expanded Brittpaperscissors to a full private office. Jump ahead a few months later, and her empire grew into a fully-equipped private studio of her own in ildsjel. Brittany knew the kind of space she needed to accomplish her goals, and took the steps she needed to take to get there. As a result, Brittpaperscissors has grown from a side hustle into a thriving production company and brand, and BPS TV proves that Brittany making exactly the kinds of content she cares most about, on her own terms.


If you’re thinking of making a career out of your passion, take Brittany’s story as the blueprint for doing it right. She entered a male-dominated industry and took her seat at the table by doing great work with a combination of passion, charisma, creativity, and raw skill. She didn’t wait for opportunities to come her way, she just went out and created.

Be like Brittany.

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