One of the most unique amenities in 4 Carlaw is also often one of the last things people see when they come through. The makerspace, run by OmiTech Solutions, is a fully equipped tool shop a single step from the full-time workspace, nestled in the back of the building.

Towards the back of the workshop, often obscured by his computer, you can usually find Jason Kanaris, an ildsjel founder and the sole-proprietor of OmiTech Solutions. A jack-of-all-trades himself, the makerspace is Jason’s vision come to life: a makerspace designed to take industrial amenities typically reserved for major manufactures and make them accessible to people looking to solve problems, assisted by his years of experience.

 A Mad Scientist at Work

“It’s not about the workbenches and the tools exclusively, it’s about the fact that if I don’t have the answer to something, I will find it for you,” Jason says in the back of the makerspace, caught moments after installing a hanging light and just before running off to take care of something else. “If we can’t do it here, we will get it done somewhere else, so it’s also a hub in that sense.”

The space itself is 420 square feet of benches, tools, and 3D printers, ranging from simple wooden desks with wrench sets to miter saws and drill presses. If you’re looking metal fabrication services or just need space and some tools to fix a guitar, the makerspace is designed to make solutions accessible by empowering its clients. With a large material and equipment selection, OmiTech hopes to “expand the scope of what people are capable of doing.”

Probably Overqualified

Jason has been neck-deep in the industrial workplace for the entirety of his adult life. With his degrees in both electrical engineering and manufacturing technologies and several years experience in engineering consultation, Jason has been the go-to guy for every question anyone had during the construction and renovations at 4 Carlaw, a role he has yet to shake off. If anything goes wrong in and around ildsjel, Jason is the person everyone knows to call. He approaches all projects with knowledge and experience, but it’s his creative problem solving that has gotten him and the rest of ildsjel out of a few technical pickles.

“If all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. You hope that you have more and more tools, but I’m always going to approach a problem using one of the tools that I already have and know how to use, even though it may not be the correct one.”