Espresso and Records with Vinylblox's Nick Densmore

When I met up with Nick Densmore in a coffee shop on Spadina, he was arriving from a small show at George Stroumboulopoulos’ house. Ottawa indie-rockers Hollerado had just wrapped up their House of Strombo performance and Nick was wearing one of their tees

“I’m that guy that wears a band’s shirt to their show,” Nick commented as he sat down at the table, putting down his shades.

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Creative Freedom and Music Exploration with Tonality

Nestled between a bike shop and an animal hospital by the corner of Dundas West and Roncesvalles, you’ll find a bright, black and white shop called Tonality. From first glance, the shop doesn’t look like your typical record store, which is completely intentional; Tonality isn’t meant to be a typical record store. From the curated selection of records to its layout and design, Tonality doesn’t draw from the traditional record store formula, and in a time of change for music retailers in Canada, a fresh approach is what the industry needs.

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Coffee and a Blueberry Muffin with jötunn's Erik Irwin

If you’ve spent any time at an ildsjel event, you may have noticed Erik Irwin making his rounds. Whether because of his vibrant artwork or because his stature often puts him a solid head-length above the rest of the attendees, Erik can be tough to miss. Bearded and soft-spoken, he has attended and has contributed his art to nearly every ildsjel event so far, and each time proven to be a wonderful addition. His skills and creative drive, however, reach far beyond the realm of digital design.

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Talking Shop with OmiTech Solutions' Jason Kanaris

One of the most unique amenities in 4 Carlaw is also often one of the last things people see when they come through. The makerspace, run by OmiTech Solutions, is a fully equipped tool shop a single step from the full-time workspace, nestled in the back of the building.

Towards the back of the workshop, often obscured by his computer, you can usually find Jason Kanaris, an ildsjel founder and the sole-proprietor of OmiTech Solutions. A jack-of-all-trades himself, the makerspace is Jason’s vision come to life: a makerspace designed to take industrial amenities typically reserved for major manufactures and make them accessible to people looking to solve problems, assisted by his years of experience.

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Teaching Strangers to Paint with Veronica Racanelli

In the back of the full-time space at 4 Carlaw, Veronica Racanelli spreads a light jade tarp across a table. With a small picture for reference, she begins painting on a 16 x 20 canvas from a paper plate with globs of yellow, blue, red, and white paint. She’s preparing a painting for her job hosting Paint Nite in venues across Toronto, where among a drink or two, would-be painters get a canvas, a reference painting, and an opportunity to paint minus the obligation to clean up a mess (that’s Veronica’s job).

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