The ildsjel Team

Who Are We?

Creative freedom, professional research, space to experiment, a unique workspace; we all call it different things, but ildsjel is our home. Our team extends far beyond the four faces on this page, and the list of thank-yous and couldn’t’ve-done-it-without-yous runs miles long!

Co-Founder and Talker

Dimitri Kanaris

If you ask Dimitri what he does, he’ll promptly tell you what he’s not. In a sense, he’s a marketing consultant or an entrepreneur, but his venture isn’t a temporary or frivolous one. In addition to being the team talker, Dimitri started ildsjel to work with people of different skill-sets and abilities and connect their dots. He is the creative glue of the team, finding the best connections for collaborators and helping them find opportunities that suit them best.

Co-Founder and Thinker

Rebekka Zuckermann

Not only is Rebekka the brains behind and foundation of ildsjel’s daily operations, she is the creative lifeblood of our space. With her unique vision and experience in events co-ordination, Rebekka is in charge of creating a space that feels comfortable and welcoming, as well as one that facilitates collaboration and the creation of new connections among the ildsjel community.

Co-Founder and Engineer

Jason Kanaris

Jason is the kind of person that can do anything with a little bit of research and a lot of troubleshooting. Simply put, he was the kid that read all of his instruction manuals. As he got older, the toys just got bigger. Now, he runs our Makerspace, capable of micro-manufacturing for inventors and creatives alike. Just yell his name if you need his help, that’s what we do and we wouldn’t be here without him.

Co-Founder and Reporter

Peter Sanfilippo

Peter Sanfilippo listens well, writes a lot, and talks sometimes. He does what he can to support independent artists and small businesses through collaboration and creative promotion by doing just that. He has a way of understanding and illustrating his thoughts and the thoughts of others through his writing that gives you the pieces to a puzzle that you didn’t know you were doing but couldn’t have done without.

Our Amenities

Bar and Café

Whether you’re looking to host a casual meeting or just for a cozy spot to relax, our front café space makes for a perfect nook to unwind and enjoy a coffee with friends and work associates alike.

Event Space

The part-time work space at ildsjel doubles as an event space where we regularly host concerts, galleries, markets and private functions. Got an idea for a show and need a place for it? Our space can accommodate a variety of events, so drop us a line at and let’s get planning.

Co-Working Space

The shared workspace has all the room you need for networking, meetings, or just bunkering down on a project. Separate spaces for both full-time workstations with individual permanent desks, and part-time space with communal work tables are available, offering you flexible options to grow your business. Complete with high-speed internet, refreshments, kitchen facilities, micro-manufacturing resources, and in-house options for both small and large format printing, the workspaces at ildsjel are designed to facilitate all points in your project’s process.

Meeting rooms

Private meeting rooms are available at ildsjel for rent at your convenience. Suitable for groups up to eight, our cozy meeting rooms come equipped with high-speed internet, chalkboards, and plenty of table space to sprawl out and bunker down in your own quiet haven. To check availability and book a meeting room, contact or swing by our space.

Maker Space

Operated by OmiTech Solutions, the makerspace is your destination for any of your more technical needs. OmiTech Solutions offers 3D printing in a number of formats and materials, ranging from simple printing to artist-level refinement, with priced based on feature quantity. Rentable work benches are also available, including basic tool libraries, and can be upgraded to encompass assembly tool kits and stand-alone machinery, including a CNC machine, drill press, table saws, and other equipment.

Recording Studio

The recording studio at ildsjel was built from the ground-up in early 2017 and comes complete with a full-array of modern tools. The studio is run by RHC Music, and is open to local artists and bands both signed and independent. Get in touch with RHC Music for rates, scheduling and any of your production or engineering needs.

Live Room

Next door to the RHC studio is our freshly-finished liveroom. The room is designed for great sound, with high, sloped ceilings proving a crisp, natural reverb for guitars and vocals, and excellent conditions for drum tracking. Need a place to jam? Contact for information on scheduling and rentals.

Our Amazing Supporters